Opportunites to join the Magnetism group committee! For more information please click here, or visit www.mi-nomination.com/iop to submit a nomination.

Expressions of interest to hold Magnetism 2020

The traditional route to organising Magnetism 2020 has been to join the Magnetism group committee, and co-chair the conference on a previous occasion before taking on the role of local organiser on the ground.  However, we do not wish to restrict the organisation to committee members, and invite expression of interests from all members of the community to hold future Magnetism conferences.  The key criteria are:

  1. Appropriateness of venue including cost
    • Two lecture theatres are required (minimum capacities 200 and 100 theatre style) 
    • Area for posters, exhibition and catering. The area must be able to comfortably accommodate 90 posters, up to 15 exhibitors (table top stands), and provide catering for 200 attendees. 
  2. Travel time/cost/convenience for attendees
  3. Availability of suitable accommodation at reasonable cost
  4. Local organisation on the ground

If you are interested in hosting Magnetism 2020, please submit a proposal by email to priscilla.lim@iop.org by 28 February 2019.

As Magnetism 2020 is organised by the IOP Magnetism group it is expected that a committee member would be included as a co-chair, to provide support and a link back to the committee.

The proposers should discuss their expression of interests with the Chair of the group committee before submission.

Organised by the IOP Magnetism Group

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:
25 January 2019

Exhibition early registration deadline:
18 January 2019

Magnetism 2020 deadline (expressions of interest):
28 February 2019

Group committee nominations:
28 February 2019

Early registration deadline [EXTENDED]:
19 March 2019

Registration deadline:
26 March 2019

Exhibition registration deadline: 
26 March 2019