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See below for the list of exhibitors showcasing their material at Magnetism 2019. The floor plan can be viewed here.

attocube systems AG (stand 7)   Mantis Deposition Ltd (stand 3)
Cryogenic Ltd (stand 8)   Oxford Instruments Nanoscience (stand 10)
Durham Magneto Optics Ltd (stand 5)   PI-KEM Ltd (stand 4)
Elliot Scientific Ltd. (stand 9)   Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd (stand 2)
Farnell element14 (stand 6)   UK Magnetics Society (stand 13)
Henniker Scientific Ltd (stand 11)   University of Leeds (stand 12) 
Leybold UK Ltd (stand 14)   Zurich Instruments AG (stand 1)


Zurich Instruments AG (stand 1)


Zurich Instruments is a test and measurement company based in Zurich, Switzerland, developing and selling measurement instruments and delivering customer support in key markets around the world, either directly or with carefully selected partners.
We are a growing, independent and founder-led company. Zurich Instruments makes cutting-edge instrumentation for scientists and technologists in advanced labs who are passionate about phenomena that are often notoriously difficult to measure.


Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd (stand 2)


Quantum Design UK and Ireland are one of the leading distributors of high-tech instrumentation and consumables for scientific, academic and industrial research.   Visit our stand to discuss our range of Physical Property Measurement Systems, Magnetometers and Optical Cryostats.


Mantis Deposition Ltd (stand 3) 


Mantis Deposition is a specialist instrumentation company developing high quality deposition components and systems used by researchers at the forefront of thin-film device technology development. Our products are designed for all cutting-edge materials research; including magnetics, optoelectronics, energy storage and renewables, catalysis and nanoelectronics incorporating OLED, semiconductor and even new graphene-type materials.

With over 130 deposition systems delivered globally to corporate research centres, national laboratories and universities we offer comprehensive technical support for all our customers.


PI-KEM Ltd (stand 4) 


Specialist suppliers of advanced materials & equipment for scientific research & development. With over 25 years of experience, we custom manufacture to exact specifications and have expertise in sourcing niche products through our trusted network of worldwide suppliers. We also offer a range of standard stock lines, available from our website for immediate despatch.


Durham Magneto Optics Ltd (stand 5)


We specialise in advanced scientific instrumentation for nanotechnology research and development. Our product range includes a family of magneto-optical Kerr effect magnetometers (NanoMOKE3) and a family of direct-write laser lithography machines (MicroWriter ML).


Farnell element14 (stand 6) 


Your global partner that supports the technology community at every stage. From developing the dreams of students and makers to helping professional engineers develop their ideas and products, we build a community that benefits from our technology. Our solutions increase productivity and keep lines running developing our customers’ businesses.


attocube systems AG (stand 7)


attocube offers a broad portfolio of customizable liquid and dry research cryostats for diverse setups and conditions. Due to their low vibration characteristics, these cryostats are predestined to be combined with our microscopes, nanopositioners, cryogenic objectives and interferometric sensors, and thus offer the perfect conditions for multiple research tasks.


Cryogenic Ltd (stand 8) 


Cryogenic Limited produces a range of customised superconducting magnet systems, including solenoids to 22 Tesla, split pairs to 14 Tesla and magnets for neutron beamline environments. Our standard measurement systems include magnets for NMR, EPR, SQUID and vibrating sample magnetometers.  These configurations are offered as either cryogen free or liquid helium cooled systems.


Elliot Scientific Ltd. (stand 9) 


Elliot Scientific is the Lake Shore representative for the UK and Ireland. Lake Shore's products for materials research and characterization include high-sensitivity VSM and Hall Effect systems, plus cryogenic probe stations with integrated magnetic field.


Oxford Instruments Nanoscience (stand 10) 


Oxford Instruments NanoScience designs, supplies and supports market-leading research tools that enable quantum technologies, new materials and device development in the physical sciences. Our tools support research down to the atomic scale through creation of high performance, cryogen free low temperature and magnetic environments, based upon our core technologies in low and ultra-low temperatures, high magnetic fields and system integration, with ever-increasing levels of experimental and measurement readiness. Oxford Instruments NanoScience is a part of the Oxford Instruments plc group.


Henniker Scientific Ltd (stand 11) 


Henniker Scientific supply the complete range of Prevac scientific instruments, control devices & multi-technique systems for the deposition, growth and analysis of solid state materials. Our product portfolio includes UHV manipulators and sample transfer systems, sources (ion, electron, x-ray and UPS), analysers (XPS, quadrupole mass spectrometers, LEED, RHEED and SPM) and complete thin film growth systems which can be standalone or in combination with various analysis techniques. We specialise in combination UHV systems but also provide simple and effective upgrade devices such as bakeout controllers, sample heating power supplies and deposition rate controllers.


University of Leeds (stand 12)


The Bragg Centre for Materials Research is a major new initiative at the University of Leeds. The Centre aims to discover, create and design new materials. We bring together scientists and engineers across a wide range of disciplines and work with industry and other partners to develop new insights and solutions for innovative products, devices and applications. We provide world-leading experimental and analytical facilities to understand and build materials from the atomic to the macro-scale. We are a founding partner of the Henry Royce Institute, the UK’s centre for advanced materials research and innovation.


UK Magnetics Society (stand 13)


The UK Magnetics Society supports magnetics professionals in all fields and countries.

Our membership is drawn from industry, government and academia. We focus on materials and machines, but we cover all areas of magnetics including superconductivity, spintronics, measurement, transport, medical, thin films, sensors, high fields, CAD, generation, transformers, etc.


Leybold UK Ltd (stand 14)


Leybold has been offering customers the largest sales and after sales network in the vacuum technology industry for over 165 years. Our range includes fore and high vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, leak detection instruments, flanges, fittings and valves, as well as complete vacuum solutions. Full UK local service support is offered.

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